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{vii} midnight blue

August 2012




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Aug. 27th, 2012

† would this face lie to you


[ How's My Driving ]

Exactly as it says on the tin. Ciel might get tricky with her multi-life/persona, taken in account of the setting and everything else. Problem/issue? Shoot me a line, I'd love to know so that I can fix it and improve! You know the drill: comment, concrit, anything goes!

Side note: there's a lot of additional headcanon and information listed on this journal, due to the fact that she has like a million layers to her character that are easy to overlook at a glance. Check the ♪ooc tag for more details; some of it would explain why I take her as I do, but of course any external output would be downright awesome.

♪ Anon: ON
♪ Screening: ON
♪ IP Logging: OFF
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Jul. 2nd, 2012

{vii} midnight blue

Application + Character Information

Character Name: Ciel
Character Series: Tsukihime | Melty Blood
Character Age: Physically 17, actually around 24. In Mayfield, she's classified as an adult.
Housing: 1125 Taylor Road
"Family": "Husband" Spades Slick, "daughters" Mami Tomoe, Mion Sonozaki, and Marisa Kirisame,
Extended Character Survey
Character Relationships
Permission meme for Suggestion and Sixth Sense

Blue Blue Glass Moon...Collapse )

RegainsCollapse )

Nov. 17th, 2011

† wallow in your crushed ambitions

Vingt-Et-Un † myself in the reflection that i must not meet


[1. Mayfield High - Hallways. It started after lunchtime. It's still during break while she's making her way to the faculty office, when she starts hearing things that should not be there. Eyes wide and suddenly stopping dead in her tracks, she promptly drops all the papers and folders that she was carrying in her arms. ...Well, it's more accurate to say that she just stopped holding them all of a sudden, her gaze now frozen on the floor. She's not moving, either. ...Did she just bump into someone too, or was that also just her imagination? Left like that, she'll eventually look back up after a few seconds, but her face will remain expressionless, as if paralyzed in incomprehensible shock.

2. Mayfield High - Faculty office. So she finally managed to shrug it off. ...Hah. This can't be possible, not here, not now. Despite knowing that something must be inherently wrong for her to have seen and heard what she thought she did, she still managed to recover, and decided to brush it off.

It's starting to prove to be a big mistake. A red ink pen in her right hand and clutching her head in her left, she's desperately trying to focus on correcting before--


The pen breaks into two. The ink splatters all over the paper that she was looking over and stains in crimson the sleeve to her white blouse.]


[3. Church ; Evening. The inside is empty today. Actually, all lights from the building are completely out, like a store after closing hours despite the fact that it's not really late yet. More odd however would be the feel of a suddenly oppressive atmosphere that grows stronger the more one would decide to head towards the back, around the building from outside. It can't be explained, but it's unnerving. Not hostile, but heavy and uncomfortable enough that it should be able to convince most people to just directly turn back and go home. This is uptown Mayfield, not some abandoned mansion with a ghost story attached to it...! And really, what could possibly be there to investigate, especially when clearly something terribly wrong is infecting the whole town again?

4. Streets ; Night. It's not unusual for Ciel to be out at night, considering that it's part of her daily routine. In complete contrast to her patrols when she's clad in her habits and jumping roofs however, she's in white and walking quite slowly on ground level. Not wearing her glasses and being barefooted, she's dressed in a simple long-sleeved white night gown that reaches her ankle. It could easily be mistaken for sleepwalking, if one could overlook the sheer lifelessness of it - it's as if she's a trapped and lost ghost who couldn't move on. The cold didn't seem to bother her either, and she would occasionally stop in random intervals to look around. But after a few seconds, her head'll drop again and she'll continues to walk.]

((OOC: Trigger warning for tagging #3; might lead to blood, gore, and self-mutilation.))

Nov. 9th, 2011

† my horse loli and i

Vingt † so as i pray

private : tldr introspectionCollapse )
semi-private : action in the back of the Church's courtyard, behind the storage shedsCollapse )
((OOC: This prompt is semi-private in that I'd like to ask for up to two people max for tagging it, if you're interested. First come first serve, thanks o/))

[Phone ; Public, afternoon]

Goodness, November already. The temperature has really been dropping too, Winter is definitely coming. Even if it's in a place like this, please remember to dress warmly! It's during transitional seasons especially that colds are easy to catch, so don't get careless and become sick. Even if it's to skip work and school, being ill is a horrible feeling. I will start to make sure that there's always hot water available at the church, so tea and hot chocolate will be offered freely to anyone who stops by.

But with that, Thanksgiving is also approaching. There's still over two weeks of time, but odds are Mayfield will do something strange again this year. Halloween may have been different for the last three years, including the one that just passed, but as far as I know, Thanksgiving for the last two years have had the same event happening. We are all customarily locked in our respective houses upon waking up in the morning, and many turkeys will be delivered into each house. As expected of the town, some are completely harmless and can be eaten safely, while others would hold unpleasant surprises like the milk has back in August. Hmm... [The hum sounds hesitant and conflicted.] Maybe it'll be different this year, but if not, there's nothing we can do about what's going on in someone else's house... [Sigh.] Please stay vigilant!

[A beat.

And then, as if mumbling to herself:]

Ah... Is this too early?...

[w h e l p . . . 8v;]

[1. Cosplay Café. She knew about it, that Japan ran it before Taiwan took over after his droning, but never really... went there. COMPLICATIONS okay, she's been preoccupied by other things before, but taking hobby in both sewing and baking, it would indeed feel criminal to not at least check the place a few times during her stay. So yes, going to drop by after school finishes! It's Taiwan so she's expecting a lot of pink, but it must also have its own share of other employees...? Maybe she'll run into a familiar face, maybe a new one. Either way... mO_Om

2A. Church. It's sunset, and for once she's not by the usual spots, let it be sweeping outside, by the altar inside, or further in taking care of some other task. Today...

She's sitting on the roof. '_' Munching on what appears to be a bread bun so what if it's curry you judgmental jerk!!. ...You have a good view up here, alright. Everyone's entitled to a break sometimes!

2B. Church..............okay that or you walked in earlier/later and caught her doing something more normal. Refer to the aforementioned "usual spots" above, (b'_')b

3. Grocery shopping. She's also accompanied by her drone son, who is helping her carry some of the bags. The two seem to be chatting animatedly. Merem can behave himself SOMETIMES, though by large his drone is still an insufferable little brat. Well, at least she managed by to have him agree to help her willingly, though she can't help but feel a mild pang or nostalgia mixed with strong irony. How long ago was it, when she nagged him for never helping her with groceries?

Ah well. Life goes on, etc.]

Phone ; filtered to Shiki Tohno, eveningCollapse )

((OOC: Tags will be SNAIL slow because ow school ;; Thank you for your patience... ;A;/))

Sep. 18th, 2011

† why yes i am a cold-blooded bitch

Dix-Neuf † keep on losing a little more

private: backdated to Sep. 15th, background action at 1127 TaylorCollapse )

[Action ; Taylor Road, Sunday morning]

[Ciel's out in the front lawn in her civilian fall wear.

There's two bags of groceries on the grass, as well as a bleeding corpse by her feet.

It's of her drone husband, the late Vincent Brooks. He now has a nail-like sword sticking out of his forehead. The flesh is also rotten/decaying, effectively marking him as a zombie. Watching the unmoving heresy with cold and emotionless eyes, she'll take a step forward.

The immobile undead suddenly springs into a fierce burst of fire, and the second after it dies down, one can note that nothing remains - only ash swept away by the wind, to those who are observant. Maybe that's why she hasn't noticed you watching - but above that, she doesn't seem to notice that another drone zombie, this time a child, is slowly approaching from behind her.

What do?]

[Phone ; some time later during the day]

Ghoul, revenant, zombie, demon, wraith, shade, name it as you will - decaying heresies who are solely driven by their hunger for human flesh have begun to spread within Mayfield. This state can be transmitted, and while the means are uncertain, fluid contamination and exchange would be the most likely cause. So try avoiding physical contact if possible, especially bites or open wound infection. [It's not like... she tested this by watching some other drones...... okay maybe she did but so what!! And then killed them in cold blood to ensure that it does not go on spreading.]

To civilians who cannot fight, please respond, or seek help immediately. The Church will be open for shelter. Any and all undead who approaches will be killed or exorcised on sight. If you have no means to leave your current location safely, please simply say so and you will be escorted as soon as possible. To those who wish to fight, aim for the head. Destroying the brain will incapacitate the whole body. [That's what she went for first out habit, and it worked. If the classic formula still applies, why look for a new one?] Again, avoid all physical contact if possible: blunt injuries, cuts, and scrapes from ordinary sharp things can be healed, but means to reverse the decaying procedure remains unknown.

[Action ; All around town, evening/night]

[Mami's holding things down at the Church and she likely has help. With that location secured, Ciel'll chance a quick patrol; she's already decided to remain at the Church for as long as this bout of insanity will last, but when she can, she'll sneak a look around Mayfield.

So she's on rooftop/lamppost/wire pole of ______ Street/Road, and you happen to be out too, down there... WHAT'S GOING ON?]

Jul. 14th, 2011

☼ jiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii...

Dix-Huit † greetings and farewells ;; backdated to jul.13th, stage 1/possibly 2

private: background action at 1127 TaylorCollapse )
Action - House kitchen, early morningCollapse )

[Phone A ; Public, daytime]

[She's aware of the truth thing going on around town. Luckily she's not too badly infected yet, but she can't bring herself to care too much right now. So why not take advantage of it? :V Sounding almost sarcastic and definitely 'flippant':]

Who's a vampire here in Mayfield, now or back home? ...Undead and demons can count too, I suppose. Abominations and heresies of any sort is okay. Compiling a list would make my work easier, so this would be really helpful.

[Action ; Rec Center shooting range, afternoon]

[She's back with her efficient self-customized firearms to get some distraction again. To anyone dropping by for some reason, you'll either catch her nail effortlessly anything in sight, or in the process of re-straightening targets in preparation for the next round. This is just mindless shooting, but it gave her time to think. Didn't know about it before? Now you do; she's a ruthlessly accurate shot. But in a town like this, it shouldn't really be a surprise?]

[Phone B ; Public, evening]

[Contrary to the call passed earlier that day, the tone is much more quiet and subdued. It was, however, not hesitant.]

How have you apologized for a really big mistake? You don't have to say anything about the circumstances, just how things turned out.

(( OOC: Sorry for the unannounced slowtatus! But with stuff out of the way I should be coming back to speed now. I will CONTINUE to backtag all ongoing threads I have in my previous post/elsewhere (thanks for the patience too guys ;A;/), but have to get this out in the meanwhile. ))

Jun. 26th, 2011

☼ this dream won't last

Dix-Sept † brighter skies

[Action - Taylor Road, morning]

[Hello Mayfield! Gorgeous day, isn't it? For whatever reason you're walking on Taylor Road when suddenly

from one of the houses' front

A blur of white is sent crashing through it like a rag doll. In fact the shape that was seemingly flung through the window frame from inside the house wasn't quiet at all, so it could definitely startle anyone nearby.

...Oh look it's a child dressed in white. One (x1) Merem Solomon will proceed to stand up now and calmly dust himself, shaking loose a few small pieces of glass while he retains his ~*angelic*~ posture, as always... sorta. Was he just thrown out of the house via the windows? Pshaw, like that's any big deal.

A few seconds later the front door to the house opens, and a blue-haired woman with glasses will be leaning against the door frame, staring down the boy with a fairly neutral expression. Yeeep, guess who's back? ...Nnnno she's not feeling awesome right now; she didn't exactly have a pleasant awakening. You have 3 guesses as to why; the first two don't count. :V

Merem and Ciel will tag separately here, but expect both.]

[Phone ; Public, around noon]

Geez, how long? [LE SOUPIR! (By which I mean "le SIGH")] As expected, I don't remember anything that I may have done during the last two weeks. How troublesome... Oh, but I shouldn't ramble when the line is still on. Bonjour! This is Ciel, and I've just snapped out from droning. It's actually my first time since I arrived to town, so I'm sorry to anyone that this might have inconvenienced. At least it's Summer, so no classes were missed... Oh, a small reminder that school will start again after Labor Day, during the first week of September. That may be two months away, but time can pass by quicker than you would expect, so everyone please take care to enjoy the rest of your summer! There's nothing quite like being able to sleep in every day, after all. The Church will also be offering its usual services again, so please don't hesitate to drop by. [She sure sounds pretty casual about the whole deal! Chipper, even, but hey, what's there to be down about?]

[Action - Afternoon]

[OKAY now that she's finally undroned Ciel will

Carry on with life in Mayfield like nothing's ever happened. :V ...Well okay no not exactly, but May has been a pretty shitty month as a whole! So let's take a break during this later half of June. It'd be bad to waste summer, after all! So you can catch her at the followings:

Ye olde multichoice prompts all over townCollapse )

Phone ; 1486 Kramden Road, eveningCollapse )

May. 30th, 2011

† where will you be on judgment day

Seize † and god can't save us now


The Church previously offered healing; it does once again. I can stop bleeding and close most non-critical wounds in a matter of seconds, as well as perform minor surgery. If you are willing to disclose your location, request assistance over the phone lines and I will come to meet you in person. Do not leave your shelter and attempt to make your way here. This is not a time to be out and about; stay in the company of people you trust. The illusory fears are unfounded and planted by the town; it may be difficult to resist, but try to maintain your focus on something else.


I would also offer escorting services, as well as proper Christian sendoff rites and body disposal through cremation. I understand that trusting anyone may be difficult at this time, but for what it is worth, this is what little that I can give in terms of support. I would however advise against misusing public services; if you intend on spilling more blood, treat your wounds at your own discretion. [A deadpan and maybe passive way to say that she wasn't interested to help the bloodthirsty advance, and that she was well capable of defending herself. Hypocritical? Maybe, probably, but what can you do in these sort of situations.]

[Action - Church ; locked to anyone present]

[She finished tying up her high-laced boots and stocking up on Black Keys. These swords can pin down shadows, so it should be an effective tool to have to neutralize any trouble that she may run into. That set aside...

Zelos said he was good with swords, didn't he? A Key won't last for more than a few hours, but it should serve him better than a kitchen knife while she's out patrolling. So where is that not!husband of hers... Maybe a quick check-up on Merem too. And tell him that she has no intention to keep on killing, not with the name of her next target revealed.]

[Action - Around town]

[Haha, no. Ciel's hands weren't clean. She killed two innocents to regain her superior athleticism and magic circuits, but that allowed her to efficiently fight back and returned her healing abilities. In a time like this, two sacrifices seemed reasonable, to regain this much to help the whole. As long as no one makes the connection, things'll be fine.

She never claimed to be a saint.

After making sure that her own household was fine by the Church, she'll resume her usual patrols (and it occurs to her that she needs to bring all of them back to house at least once at some point - is the droning rule still in effect? ...Though as she is now, this should be very simple. She can easily carry them for a quick trip back). This means the usual roof, lamppost and wire pole hopping all over town. Is it suicidal to ignore her own advice? Maybe so, but that was to normal people. Short of having Seven back, which was sheer brute firepower that she doesn't need right now, she's sprung up to her usual self.

Hopefully, there won't be any additional need for her to spill more blood. She won't apologize though; this is her choice, so they would be empty and meaningless even if she tried.]

May. 3rd, 2011

☼ when all's said and done

Quinze † time stops

private: interlude/III - the man who couldn't apologizeCollapse )

private: background action at 1127 Taylor ; your time will not awakenCollapse )

[Action - Day]

[BREAK TIME AT MAYFIELD HIGH. You can catch her chatting animatedly with a white-haired drone boy. Is there anything suspicious? Probably not, but while the boy didn't look like he really wanted to be there, her appeals must be reasonable, since he's nodding and still listening. Passerby might hear a stray line:

"I'll see you then, Shiki."

Did you still find that unusual enough to stare? Because if you did, once she's dismissed that boy, her eyes will fall on you.]

Hm? Um... can I help you with anything, or is there something on my face? [Totally innocent. Yep...]

[Private Call ; Filtered to 1127 Taylor, in the afternoon/evening]

Hello? [Just gonna let them know she's not coming home tonight. And if it's Merem? She'll just tell him to fuck off hang up and call again later.] Mm, it's Ciel. Who am I speaking to?

private: background action around the highway ; your time will not moveCollapse )

[Action - Late Night]

[HIGHWAY → CHURCH. She's using the streets and walking for once, because she honestly could not be bothered enough to take the higher grounds and minimize all chances of running into people. At least it's past midnight, so no one should really be out at this time. She's not in the mood for confrontations, however, but given the visibility, hiding on short notice should be easy.

In the end, even if she could not bring herself to care, Seven, knowing her master better than any other, insisted that she at least put something over her back to hide the marks. Seeing that it involved no effort of her part, Ciel ultimately agreed, hence she's pacing the sidewalks with a blanket resting upon her shoulders. Her bloodied white gloves remained incriminating, however, along with the fact that the makeshift cape only reached her knees. While it hid all of her upper body including her battle dress, her stylized boots were still suspicious compared to what she'd usually wear. Additionally, if observed from up close, it'll be notable that her collar is torn and tainted with something darker, despite the fact that she looked completely uninjured.

She's headed for the church. There, she can clean up and get changed. ...Thoroughly pathetic, but this is the only night. That's all the time that she'll permit herself to waste in such an inexcusable state. Once morning comes, all this will be buried under. She'll pick back up the mask, and this'll just be another dark and petty secret sinking back to where everything else lay.]

((OOC: Late Night is obviously a much more private prompt, so I'd like to ask that characters who have reasons to approach her and be out at this time choose it. It's a tricky situation to be caught in, so I won't be able to respond adequately to anyone. ;; Also apologies for the length; it's a heavy post by nature of regain. orz;;))

Mar. 31st, 2011

† yeah well :V, † my nanny pose

Quatorze † time goes on

[Voice A - Backdated to Monday, March 28th]
[It's early in the afternoon, and the tone is chipper and lighthearted, etc. This is your =3= teacher and that one nosy gossipy housewife speaking, okay.]
A lot has happened of late, but this town is relentless as always. Everyone still deserves to rest from all that's happened though, so if you are enrolled to Mayfield High and wish to take extra sick days, please give me your name, and I'll make a note of it so that it won't affect your record. It's okay if you don't have a class with me, miss Ciel: French is an optional course, but I can still file absence notices. So make sure to eat well and sleep enough; I'll only be doing this for the remaining of March!

[Voice B]
[Later in the evening, after suppertime or so. The tone is cool, composed, and almost business-like, even.]
In light of recent events, injuries would not be unexpected, especially to those who fought that machine and lived. If any is still wounded, please do know that the Church still offers healing, [...] supernatural of nature. Broken bones, cuts, bruises and such can all be cured on the spot, so if there are any requests, please let me know. Coming to the Church in person is optional; I will visit upon request, as well.

[Action - Through the whole week]
[1. School. It's mostly free group work this week during class hours; students are allowed to talk to each other to write their papers and fill out the exercises. She's sitting in the front to answer questions if there is any, but otherwise, you can sleep or chat - she doesn't mind. During recess, she can be found sitting by the stairs near the exit to the school yard, and during lunchtime, going through her curry rice that's enough to feed three people in the school cafeteria as per usual. Through it all, she will also be keeping an eye out for Yuki Nagato; she's done her share of discoveries at the dairy, and while some might disagree, Ciel for one believes Yuki to be the best terminal for turning information pieces to.

2A. Church - OUTSIDE. In habit as always, she's pacing the perimeters of the area with an open Bible, and anyone with sixth sense/attuned to magic and the supernatural that's nearby will be able to feel a light stir. She's setting up a barrier - sanctifying the area, to be precise, and turning the Church's surroundings officially into Holy Grounds. The earth by her feet occasionally begins to glow due to her chanting under her breath, but visuals quickly fade - in the end, nothing would be amiss to normal people. Those who are magic-savvy, however, would feel that something like a ward has been set in place, and demon/shadow/undead type creatures "unholy" beings will suffer a stat penalty of ??% feel pressured if they close in, which might incite them to avoid the place altogether from now on in general.

2B. Church - INSIDE. Same deal as always, and tied to the second phonecall. She's advertised about healing for quite a few times now and some of her acquaintances know that if they're looking for her, the Church's the best place to start. Got any business? The phony sister is in.

3. Library. It's sometimes during the week after school hours, and for once, she's not by the Church! ...Just working on supplementary materials here. There's a number of random schoolbooks piled up on the table, but also expanding on several subjects including math. There are also a few booklets written in different languages: Italian, French, even Latin - and was that sheet over there in ancient Greek?... ...Wait, are they handwritten, too?

...Except Ciel herself is currently out of it at the moment. ...Oops... Well, overworking does catch up to you, but she just closed her eyes to rest for an instant... Really!! She'll be awake in a few, okay... But it's up to you if you want to poke her now. Or watch instead; if you know her well enough to stare, chances are that she has stalked you without your knowing before... Might as well even the score?

4. On Patrol - If you're a normal person, you should be asleep right now. It's late, but she's still making her routine rounds. Stopping by here and there, but usually, no one is out at this hour, so it should be quick and quiet. She's not looking for conversation, though; even if she sees someone she knows, she's not going to disturb them in whatever they're doing. ...Unless somehow they're perceptive enough to call her out on it, or actually doing something strange enough to warrant investigation? Either way, she's got her eyes open, and like always, doing good in stalking being subtle.]

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